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  Product >> Plastic accessories(PVC SHEET) >> PVC sheet / Frame
PVC Sheet/frame  for  luggage accessories
1.) Material: PVC
2.) Size:
                               1)   129cm*   13cm              2)  30.5cm* 5cm
                                     143.6cm*15cm                   36cm*    5cm
                                     145.5cm*15cm                  146.5cm*5cm               
                                     156cm* 14.5cm                 151.5cm*5cm
                                     158.5cm*14.5cm                158.5cm*5cm
                                     158.3cm*16cm                   176.4cm*5cm
                                     162cm*  15cm                    178cm*   5cm
                                     165cm*16.5cm                   189.5cm*5cm
                                     174cm*  8.6cm                    210cm*  5cm
                                     188cm*   17cm                    210.5cm*5cm
                                     188cm* 17.5cm                    219cm*  5cm
                                     190.5cm* 17cm                    220cm*  5cm
                                     193.8cm* 18cm                    249.5cm*5cm
                                      205cm*   20cm
                                      222cm*   19cm
                                      261cm*   21cm
3.)Moq:500pcs for regular size
           5000-10000pcs for special size
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